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The Battle for Wesnoth is a completely free project created in 2003 by David White, in collaboration with more than 50 people throughout the years, which remains in constant development. It is a strategic turn-based game on a grid set in medieval times in the imaginary land of Wesnoth.

The game was originally inspired by 16-bit games of the genre, such as Master of Monsters, Shining Force, or Warsong, although with time many game modes, units, and stories have been added, so it now has an incredible amount of content. The gameplay consists of moving your troops through a set divided in a grid with different types of terrain and geographic elements that require some strategic thinking.

Your army is formed by different types of characters, each one with special abilities. Depending on the campaign you are playing and what point in the story you are in, you can make them level up and recruit new units as you encounter or rescue them. These units cost money to maintain, so you'll have to manage your resources with care as you advance in each story. Still, the game's rules will depend on what campaign you are playing.

Besides more than fifteen available campaigns, the game also lets you play multiplayer matches on local networks and on LAN, making The Battle for Wesnoth a comprehensive strategy game in constant growth and development, which is now considered one of the icons of freeware games for PC.
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